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$80 - Most Personal Tax Returns. Flat rate, no hidden charges, taxes included.

SOLE Tax Service is a registered E-Filer that offers a full range of tax and estate planning services.

PERSONAL We offer fast and accurate individual tax preparation, ensuring that you pay the least amount of taxes possible. 

Haven’t filed your taxes for a few years? Call us for a quote.

SELF EMPLOYED, CONTRACT & SMALL BUSINESSESWe help small business understand the tax deductions allowed by the Canada Revenue Agency and work hard to minimize the taxes paid. We will not just complete your return; we will help your business save taxes today, and in the future.

DISABILITY TAX CREDITThe Disability Tax Credit may be claimed by anyone at any age, with a physical or mental condition, which affects one or more of their basic activities of daily living. The condition must have lasted, or is expected to last, for at least one year (continuously). 


As Disability Tax Credit Specialists, we help individuals apply, qualify and claim on their income tax return, the deductions and tax credits available from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), through the Disability Tax Credit (DTC), making sure you save and receive all monies entitled to you from the Canadian government.

FINAL & ESTATE RETURNSOur tax & estate planning professionals will not only complete the return, but they will help you navigate through the overwhelming and sometimes difficult requirements of a final and estate return.

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